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A Classic Design

Smart and Casual...

The Banksia is the perfect blend of smart and casual, grand and simple, coastal and modern. As far as you can get from a cheap prefabricated modular home, the Banksia is a high quality, sustainable and beautiful extension, granny flat or an affordable housing alternative. There is something for everyone in the Banksia Home.

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About The Design


Edward V.

Project Manager

“When we designed the Banksia Home, we wanted something that was unique and filled with character. Something that could be sustainably built. Something that was small enough to fit onto most properties but large enough to live more than comfortably! So we came up with the Banksia Home with a name inspired by the unique Australian tree.”

All homes are built with at least 3 rooms. A bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Out the front is a verandah and through sliding kitchen door a sitting area rests out back. The Banksia Home is packed with intrigue and style that suits both the adventurous and conventional.

Available in multiple variants.


With an Extra Room in Front

Luxury Loft


Allow us to design something personalized for you. Just have a chat with our team!

A look at the back of the Banksia Home.

Our Sustainability Committment

Here are some of the ways our Banksia Home aims to meet our sustainability requirements:

Unique Ceilings

Our unique ceiling designs accommodate for natural airflow and ventilation. Keeping you cool in summer and reducing your energy bill!


Double Insulation

Another energy saver is ensuring our houses are properly insulated. Keeping cool in summer and warm in winter without the need for expensive aircon and heating.

Grey Water and Solar Energy

Solar panels are a great way to generate energy off grid without burning fossil fuels and grey water recycling can significantly reduce your water usage by being used to water sustainable gardens and more!


The Bottom Line...

These are just some of the ways the Banksia Home aims to be sustainable. However we believe that a sustainable building should be something that lasts for many years to come and is built with sustainable materials and means. This is why at Puddles Homes we focus on building High Quality Homes.

Floor Plans

Bigger than our Gumnut but smaller than our standalone homes, the Banskia is something in the middle and fits snugly onto a 23m2 block. Like our other builds all spaces are maximized in a stylish and unique way so you can be sure that there is plenty of room to relax and enjoy company.

Our Surf Cabin with a house on a 490m2 block.

A possible development...

With their small footprint you could easily fit 6 Banksia Homes on a property that would normally have just one medium to large home.


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