Our Gumnut Homes

Constructed Locally...

Built at our property in Ashfield WA, the very first Puddles Homes tiny home. For years it was a just a dream of ours and over 2020/21 it finally became a reality. Overcoming many difficulties due to material shortages, lockdowns and just life in general we are proud to have something that we can open for public viewing.


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About The Design

Edward Havran

Master Builder

“When designing the Gumnut Home we wanted to create something different. Something completely unique and beautiful, that stood out from anything else on the market”

Inspired by nature, the Gumnut Home’s unique shape not only makes it one of a kind but also allows it to be wonderfully spacious on the inside, whilst keeping a small enough footprint to fit onto any property. Built like a traditional home, only smaller with sustainable techniques and eco friendly technology and materials, we guarantee an exceptionally high quality build and design. The Gumnut Home is perfect for any opportunity whether it be a high quality extension, tiny home, air bnb or even a commercial property.

The Variants


Relax in your own spare bedroom or work from home in your own stylish portable office, there is something for everyone in the Bedroom/Study Variant.


Cook a beautiful meal, or shower after a dip in the pool on a hot day, our Kitchen/Bathroom variant is as versatile as it gets.

Split into two halves and connected through a doorway with a kitchen and bathroom side. Or available as a standalone kitchen or bathroom.

The Loft

The Loft features an extended roof on its far side to accommodate a loft bed, desk and fully fitted kitchen.

Combined Bedroom/Bathroom

Combining both the bedroom and bathroom variants, this tiny home is fully fitted for living both on and off grid with a bed, kitchen and cabinets.

Want something different? Let us create a design completely personal to you. Just have a chat with our team!

Connect multiple units...

By utilizing connecting patios, our homes may be combined to form luxury living or commercial spaces!

Sustainability and Features

As with all our small homes sustainability is one of our top priorities with features such as:

Sustainable Design

The first step to conserving the environment is a sustainable design. All aspects are considered from the type of materials used to a shape that maximises space and airflow. .

Sustainable Construction

Current methods that dominate the industry are wasteful and inefficient. We aim to change this with new ways of building inspired by cultural heritage and informed by over 20 years in the industry.

Double Insulation

All of our cabins are double insulated, perfect for the ups and downs of WA's temperate climate. Furthermore double insulation reduces the cost of aircon and heating.


The Gumnut Home comes standard as fully fitted with a modern luxury interior, including a bed, cabinets, kitchenette and living area. However interiors are completely customizable and we are more than happy to collaborate with other designers to suit your needs.

* A possible interior design.

Further available addons include:

  • Solar Panels and Battery Storage

  • Grey Water Recycling

  • Rainwater Tanks and More…


Compact with a small foot print, but spacious with plenty of room. As our cabins only have an floor area of 9.35m2, they can fit practically onto most properties and due to their Gumnut shape design and tall ceilings there is more than enough space to relax and be satisfied. Furthermore by connecting the cabins with the small footprint patios they can become larger, fully dynamic spaces to enjoy with family and friends.

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Our Tiny Home

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The Loft

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Combined Bedroom/Bathroom

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Connected Cabins

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All From Just

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Customize your tiny home or book a visit to see ours!