The Varis

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The Helm

A Hampton Style Home

The Doverin

Classic and Homely

A small home doesn’t have to feel small

These are some of our beautiful, unique and exceptional quality small homes.

3 + Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Environmentally Friendly

Basement Space

This wonderful space is accessible from the main living area and covered by a hinged glass door. Imagine having your own wine cellar, an art studio or a home gym right beneath your feet.

With this 30.6m² space the possibilities are endless…

Available with all of our homes.


Balcony & Rooftop Garden

Just another aspect of our sustainability commitment – Our lush Balcony Gardens. Enjoy an afternoon with a beautiful view of your street, a park or the ocean surrounded by life on your balcony.

Available with The Varis.


Solar Panels and Grey Water Recycling

As the world is switching from fossil fuels to renewable resources so are we. Solar panels can be placed on the roof with a battery stored in the basement providing extra energy to the home. A Grey Water Recycling unit can also be installed to provide extra water for non potable uses.

Available with all of our homes.


Looking for something else?

Floor Plans and Specifications

All spaces are maximized for sustainable living!

Our homes are customizable depending on your budget where the basement, grey water recycling and solar panel units as well as any other features may be added or removed. Furthermore, designs may be modified for extra rooms and different layouts to suit your needs. Even at the bare bones our homes are built with expert knowledge and techniques that ensure comfortable and stylish living.


Carports & Garages

Carports and garages are available for all of our homes!

All From Just

$ K

All of our homes are customizable, just have a chat with our team!